Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

ozgoldman wrote:

My Minolta SRT 101, is my favourite by a long long way. Had great fun with that camera, which by the way, I bought in 1971, and it's still working perfectly.

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As I said earlier, the first new camera I bought myself was the Minolta SR-7.  I was in high school and shooting at least a roll of film (which I bulk loaded myself) per day, souping it every night.  As a result I got really good at intuitively judging the correct exposure.  When I upgraded to the SRT-101 the metering system was so good that I came to rely on it and so lost my intuitive sense of speed and shutter settings.  As a result, I was mad at the SRT-101 for making me less independent of my equipment.

My next camera was a Nikon F ... withOUT the built in metering.  I bought a Luna-Pro meter and once again became more intimately connected with the light I was working with.  I only sold the Luna-Pro a few years ago, and now I realize I shouldn't have.

- A.

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