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Re: SX50 is 24-1200 equivalent

Klaus dk wrote:

saudidave wrote:

Michael Kaplan wrote:

The SX50 crop factor is about 5.58x so that 215mm big end of the zoom is the equivalent FOV as a 1200mm lens on a Full Frame or 35mm camera.


I'm sorry but you have got this wrong. When camera manufacturers quote a small sensor camera as 28-200mm they are referring to it in 35mm terms. They have already taken the crop factor in to account, so that the 200 mm end isn't 200 x 5.58, it's just a plain old 200mm.


Dave: Michael has it right. The zoom on the SX50 is equivalent to 24-1200 mm. You can look it up in the specs.

Yes Klaus I know it's 24-1200 (equivalent). Michael was refering to it as a 200mm lens x 5.58, which it isn't.

You can only apply the crop factor to a telephoto lens when you attach a lens designed for 35 mm  to a camera with a senor that is smaller such as APS-C or micro 4/3 rds.  The SX50 has a lens for a small sensor that is designed to be the equivalent of a 24-1200 on a 35mm camera

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