NEX as a DSLR Replacement

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Re: NEX as a DSLR Replacement

Ignore the challenges, there's some good stuff in there but not much.

Flickr explore is a good indication of what photographically-minded people like and think is good photography.

500px is supposed to be really good but about 50% of the 'popular' images are either blatantly fake with photoshopped sunbeams (yes, photoshopped sumbeams are everywhere on 500px!) ridiculously oversaturated fake colours, or really awful 'HDR painting' rubbish. There is very rarely enything edgy, contemporary or interesting on there.

With respect to replacing a DSLR, I think a lot of new photographers (meaning new to photography) don't really like the idea of anything except a DSLR as it's the classic design. Some people like to be seen to have a 'proper' camera even though they have never made an interesting photograph in their life and everyone else thinks "why do you lug that brick around?". Pros I guess use DSLRs because they are high performanece and have great handling, and the size and weight and slow live view etc is not an issue for them. Some people like to have the best gear so they buy a D800 or A99 and big glass, then shoot crap photos of their cat and the sunset, or red London phone boxes (they're of the same mentality as bikers who have powerful bikes and race past traffic but are scared to corner above 50mph - no imagination or sense of adventure).

Then there are people who take amazing pictures with whatever is in their hand, whether it's their phone, a NEX-6 or a D4. These are the people who are skilled photographers and whose work you need to be looking at.

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