Windows 8 RT DOA?

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As if you don't already know (yea right)

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Just look at the many user reviews showing reactions from new Win 8 users to see just how different apps designed for Windows 8 are compared to the same apps designed for Windows 7 and earlier operating systems.

LOL, what are you smoking, apps for Win 8 are the same as for Win 7.

You understand exactly what I mean, unless your stupid (which I doubt).

To repeat what I've said before is needed for readers, since you take things out of context to try and put Microsoft products in a better light and defend them against any criticism.

I said this:

IOW, why spend more for a Windows RT tablet to get Office, when you can get an Android based tablet with similar (or better) hardware specs for less, and use one of the low priced or free Office alternatives with it.

Then, you said this:

"Familiarity with desktop."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Applications designed for the new Windows 8 User Interface are *very* different compared to desktop applications designed for Windows 7.

But, you already know that and are just trying to "slant" your responses so that other readers don't understand the *very* major differences.

Is After Shot Pro different on Win 8 than on Win 7 ?

Nope. But, it's a desktop application, not an application designed for the new Windows 8 User Interface (formerly known as "Metro"), whereas the new Office RT version we're discussing is designed for the new Win 8 User Interface (meaning its' very different compared to desktop applications designed to run on Win 7 or earlier operating systems).

Of course, I feel confident that you already know that.

Yet, for some reason, you want to hide your true identity and the company you work for (as we've already gone through in previous posts).  That way, users don't understand the reasons you appear to want to defend any criticism of Microsoft products, even if the defense you use is totally absurd and very biased.

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