A57 - Legacy Lens barrel aperture adjustments not working

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Re: A57 - Legacy Lens barrel aperture adjustments not working

sybersitizen wrote:

A Subset wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

A Subset wrote:

Also keep in mind the "preview" button just under the lens on the right (as you are holding the camera from behind).

That won't do anything at all with non-A-mount lenses like the one used by the OP.

That's odd, as it does with my fully manual new Samyang 8mm lens.

Are you sure it's fully manual aperture control with no linkages or electronic signalling to the camera? This Nikon version appears to have linkages and electronics:

See all those connections?

But regardless the exact features offered, your Samyang is an A-mount lens and it's not like the OP's lens... and my statement still holds: That won't do anything at all with non-A-mount lenses like the one used by the OP.

My Samyang lens has NO electronic, mechanical, magical or other connections between the lens and the camera, outside of the mounting flange which keeps it from falling on the ground.

I'm sure we're missing something here, but when I have the Samyang on my a57 and press in on the "preview" button, the viewfinder changes to show me a representation of the exposure and focus that will be recorded by the camera. When I release that button, the display goes back to a bright display unaffected by the aperture set on the lens aperture ring.

Let me phrase this a different way... if I hold the "preview" button in while turning the aperture ring on the lens, the image on the viewing screen gets lighter and darker correspondingly. If I release that button, turning the aperture ring on the lens does not affect the brightness of the viewing screen image.

At this point I'm not quite sure what the hell is going on, nor how it relates to the original question. But there ya are!

The original poster said this:

Trying to use my A57 with a legacy M42 Takumar for the first time. It appears to be seated properly, but working the aperture ring on the lens has no effect; the viewfinder shows only F-- for F-stop, and the image does not change when the aperture is changed.

That is EXACTLY the same experience I have with the Samyang 8mm on my Sony a57... until I press in on the "preview" button... at which time the image DOES CHANGE when turning the aperture ring.

Obviously there is more to learn.

One thing to note is that the camera will not be happy with the lens until I jump through the menus and "Enable" the "Release w/o Lens" function, whatever the hell that does.

- A.

P.S. I WISH I had all those fancy contacts and whatall that come with the Nikon and Canon versions, but I don't, and it seems that I paid the same amount of money as they charge for the ones with the fancy geegaws, so go figure.

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