X-trans sensor problem?

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Well documented and tested problem, more examples Re: X-trans sensor problem?

shonxiaohe wrote:

just hit the post below. since I am considering X100s, I wonder does X-trans sensor really has such bad effect as shown below? quite unbelivable...


It's a well tested and very well documented issue (by those who don't follow the crowd). If you shoot mainly portraits and such like you won't come up against any x-trans sensor issues. It seems to be an issue that Fuji themselves can't get over (their in-cam JPEGs have issues, albeit to a lesser extent than all other processing methods, and the supplied raw processor has issues, evern more so than the in-camera JPEG).

See here (and also follow the links) for a very detailed analysis of the issues with processing images from the sensor: http://chromasoft.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/fuji-x-pro1-lightroom-and-silkypix.html

I think in time, a year or two or more I guess, we will have the perfect algorithm for processing x-trans sensor captures.

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