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No magnetic cameras...

Mark Smith wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

That got me thinking, when did we have that Logitech? A quick look at the digital camera history site shows that all sorts of stuff happened by the 1994 Apple launch. There had been at least ten true (CCD -> ADC -> flash memory) consumer digital cameras.

  • 3 joint Fuji/Toshiba designs marketed by both companies
  • 1 Toshiba design marketed without Fuji
  • 1 Oly design
  • 4 Joint Logitech/Dycam designs marketed by both companies
  • 1 Dycam developed for IBM without Logitech

So, if you redefine "first" as somewhere past tenth place, and define "invention" as sticking your logo on someone else's product, yeah, Apple was an important part of the history of digital photography. (Although, in their defense, it was a really nice logo, injection molded plastic and all, no mere sticker)

No need to re-define anything, all those cameras were magnetic video cameras,

No. All ten were flash memory based, exactly as I stated

  • CCD -> ADC -> flash memory)

medical research cameras,

None were such. They were all consumer products.


Again, none were such. They were all consumer products.

the dycam is the most interesting and could claim to be the first although they needed special software to get images that could be used.

The Apple quicktake 100 was not a re-bage–

I did not say it was. A "rebadge" implies that they put their name on an existing product. They did something slightly different, they put their name on a Kodak product that had not yet been marketed. It still puts Apple in a marketing role, not a creative one.

I thght you would know better shame on you

Considering the pile of outright lies you're pitching here, you have no right to say "shame on you" to anyone else.

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