Trying to Choose New Camera and Lenses: Sony NEX vs Olympus OM-D

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Questions thread
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Could you explain?

blue_skies wrote:

Yes, Sony's are cheaper and have the edge for low light performance.

You make a lot of broad statments without supporting facts.

Let's examine the one above.

For lowlight, you want mutiple things.

1) according to DxO the NEX cameras and the E-M5 are virtually equal at higher ISOs.

2) For low light you want larger aperture lenses.  Since for exposure F-stops are the same on m43, APSC and FF, an F/1.4 lens would perform better on M43 than an F/1.8 lens on APSC.

3) IS is important.  Sony offers a few lenses with IS, but not all (no optione for older legacy lenses either).  Olympus offers 5 axis IBIS which work better than in-lens IS (in-lens can't detect rotation nor adjust for it) which works on any lens.

So, I would say 1 is a tie, 2 goes to the E-M5, and 3 is close with a slight edge for the E-M5.

I would guess unbiased individuals would say the E-M5 has the edge in low light,and it is OK to say in you OPINION, the edge goes to NEX.  Just don't claim it as a fact. 

We could even do a challenge!  With a standard 50mm EFL lens which camera would do better, a NEX with the 35mm F/1.8 IS lens or the OMD with the 25mm F/1.4 Leica?

Which would be sharper wide open?  Which would could be used at the slowest shutter speed?

That would be fun!

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