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Re: Then why use it versus a competing product?

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Archer66 wrote:
Do any of those free office tablet versions offer any of those features you mentioned ?

On Windows platforms, yes.

Any links to freeware OneNote type applications ?

Have you ever heard of Google? It's a search engine.

Just search for OneNote alternatives and you'll find lots of reviews of other applications.

Here's one of many articles on the subject:

For example, EverNote is one of the available apps that appears to be very popular (getting a 4.7 out of 5 Point rating from users of it if you look at it's user reviews in the Android Marketplace) that is also available for mobile platforms like IOS and Android.  More about it here:

IOW, why spend more for a Windows RT tablet to get Office, when you can get an Android based tablet with similar (or better) hardware specs for less, and use one of the low priced or free Office alternatives with it.

Familiarity with desktop.

Not even close. Even Windows 8 apps for x86 platforms only faintly resemble Applications designed for Windows 7 and earlier operating systems.

Just look at the many user reviews showing reactions from new Win 8 users to see just how different apps designed for Windows 8 are compared to the same apps designed for Windows 7 and earlier operating systems.

Sure, Microsoft would love for users to embrace the latest "designed for Win 8" versions of them. But I think you'll find that most new users of Windows 8 and applications designed for it would disagree.

Win 8 is very different, and the apps designed specifically for it are very different.

To imply that apps for Windows RT offer familiarity with the Windows Desktop versions of the same apps is naive at best.

Btw, just out of curiosity, why you need to repost everything you write ?

Because you tend to miss the point of the original posts (or tend to deliberately overlook them because you want to defend Microsoft products, even if they're flawed).

Actually you do it pretty much in every thread so think again.

Perhaps that's because others tend to take things I post out of context. So, I tend to find myself repeating earlier posts to make sure other users understand why I posted what I did to begin with.

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