Review of the Pentax K5IIs

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Re: Review of the Pentax K5IIs

Mr_Cynical wrote:

John is a nice guy, but this is a pretty bad review (bad in the sense 'badly done' - it's obviously positive about the camera). It fails to address the two most important questions about the K5 IIs: does it provide sufficiently improved image quality to justify the price difference compared to the K5 II (no comparison images are shown) , and how bad is the moire in situations when moire is likely to appear. Saying moire isn't a problem by taking pictures of non-patterned scenes with a consumer zoom is like saying that a camera is 'great in low light' when you've only tested it at midday in summer.

If you look at other reviews on this same site, I think you'll find that his one is in line with them. It's not a site for massive in-depth reviews - they are clearly trying to appeal to a fairly broad audience and do seem to aim to keep things simple. I agree that he should have addressed the question: is the K5IIs worth the premium price over the vanilla version? But beyond that I don't think it's a bad review. So far I haven't seen anyone give a convincing rundown of the moire situation. Moire clearly occurs but since it doesn't seem that easy to dial it up on demand, I guess it may not be much of a problem (though it is still a potential one to watch for, of course).

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