Please help with a purchase

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Re: Please help with a purchase

joaquin100 wrote:

Jezebel Masterson wrote:

What is your budget?

Around 500 Bucks.

Hope that can be enough for Camcorder able to give smooth output.


I have limited experience with camcorders in actual use, other than the one I currently own now the X900m. For $700 you can get the version without flash memory, if you can't spare the extra 200usd then I would look at some older models. The TM-60 can be found on ebay for about $450. Panasonic seems to be a better bargain than other brands, in otherwords, you get more feature for the same price point.

You can also look for older version Panasonic, sony and canon, but discontinued models may be harder to find than lower end new models. I would suggest going HERE and cross referencing everything that is in your price range. You can search B&H for camcorder listings by price. Really anything from Panasonic, sony, or canon will be good quality but Pany seems to be a bit cheaper. If you find one that suits your needs, you can always search vimeo and youtube for test footage. It's not exactly the same as OOC, but it will give an idea of the IQ and image stabilization.

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