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Re: ACR - Open to alternates

You can also get the U point tech in a Photoshop plug in.

But I agree - and that's pointed out by the review - the differences between the converters are minimal (insert flame war here).  You do better by sticking to one converter / camera / whatever and learning how to use it well.

IIRC the only thing the different about the converters was the base color at defaults.  Seemed like Capture 1 did better on skin tones.  But ACR can do well on skin tones - you might have to tweak it a bit, but you can come up with whatever presets you like.

All of the converters have improved in recent years.  All do pretty well.  It's mostly UI and workflow preference and perhaps upgrade strategies (Adobe's annoying policy of not supporting newer cameras with older versions of ACR requiring you to keep up with thier 18 month "upgrade" cycle).

And, of course, there are 30 day free trials for all.  Knock yourself out!

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