Is Safox X really more accurate with fast glass?

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Re: Smaller AF focus sites?

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Anyone owners think the increased accuracy w/ faster glass is because SAVOX X supposedly has smaller AF focus points?

No I think any improved accuracy with fast glass is a direct result of have an F2.8 sensor so the camera doesn't have to interpolate the peak AF point for f2.8 and has only small guess's to make for anything faster.ens so for 90% of K5 users they will see no improvement with the k5ii and f2.8 glass.

I don't think so, cause there is an improvement with all points. If it was just a matter of an f/2.8 baseline it would be the central one only.

you are confusing your experience with the limits of the technology.

If you k5ii focus more accurately than your k5 for all glass then your k5 was a poor example of the model or your k5ii is a good example of the model.

Given the other 10 sensor are identical between the k5 and k5ii accuracy has to be again identical there is nothing that can alter that simple technology fact.

Because of the improved sensitivity the k5ii is likely/will focus faster and more sure footed especially in lower light but (besides any WB vagrancies) accuracy will be the same.

If you had one of the faulty Colour sensor K5's and didn't have it repaired then under tungsten light you could have had a serious focus shift , but again the focus shift would be consistent and repeatable within the limits of the f5.6 baseline not a reflection on the accuracy of the AF sensors but rather a limit of the system as implemented in your camera

My original K-5's tungsten front focusing problem have been solved completely by the firmware update in the beginning of 2011 and I was pretty happy with it since then. I bought K-5IIs mostly for low light AF work but it turned out it is more accurate in every conditions. My hit rate in real life situations is close to 100% now, no matter what lens I use, while I had 85-90% hit rate with original K-5.

And every "hit" of a K-5II is deadly accurate (I've been testing it comparing with CDAF) while K-5 has some slight focus variations between shots that I'd call "in focus" anyway.

BTW, I don't know, who told you that all the other sensors are "identical" if the whole AF system is redesigned - they changed the optics (less aberrations), sensors (more sensitivity) and algorithms. Plus they added a wider baseline sensor to the central point. The only thing that did not change is the layout of those 11 points.

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