D600 long exposure light leak

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Re: work-arounds vs. solutions

Call it a flaw or a property, it is what it is. And the work-around or solution is either palatable to you or not.

When I first noticed the light leak issue on my D600, I was just as shocked as you and I have oil spots on my camera as well. But I cover the eyepiece and clean my sensor and I'm happy with the results that I get now that I know what I have to do. I'm not planning on throwing my camera away, suing Nikon, or switching to Canon. The question for each of us is... Can you live with having to do the workarounds on a good but not perfect camera?

I've mentioned this elsewhere that I also shoot Micro Four Thirds and I'm spoiled by how reliable these cameras are... no mirror slap, instantaneous accurate CDAF focus that works in much lower light than any Nikon can handle. Touch screen focus from corner to corner (no predetermined AF points crunched in the middle) and no light leak since there is no eyepiece, mirror, or prism. No talk of calibrating AF or back-focus or front-focus.

I came back to Nikon simply for the high-megapixel count, but I'm reminded how much of these cameras are a leftover in the stone age. I can live with this for now, but my ultimate camera would be a mirrorless fullframe that leaves many of these problems behind. The question is what company is going to make it and how many years will it take for a solid lens line to be build around it.

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