Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Then why use it versus a competing product?

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Brian Miller wrote:

I only dropped into this one because someone needed to correct Jim's FUD about Office.

Just read the many available articles about it, and you'll see the same thing I said (Office RT is missing features like macros and add-ins).

Office RT is hardly "very scaled down" like you said.

Those missing features are not deal breakers for 99% of Windows RT users.

I don't know why I even bother to respond to your posts, since you're going to defend any criticism of any Microsoft product, based on your posting history.

Oh sorry, I didnt know that I'm not allowed to post anything that contradicts you.

Do any of those free office tablet versions offer any of those features you mentioned ?

On Windows platforms, yes. On Android, no (not that I'm aware of anyway).

Again, that's why I don't see the ability to get Office on Windows RT as an advantage over other Tablet Operating Systems (because Office on RT doesn't offer the features that distinguished Office from the free Office alternatives anyway).

That was the entire point of my first post on the subject (where someone pointed out that Office was available for Windows RT, implying that was an advantage to Windows RT, and I pointed out that it's missing features like macros, add-ins, etc.).

IOW, why spend more for a Windows RT tablet to get Office, when you can get an Android based tablet with the same or better hardware specs for less money, and use one of the low priced or free Office alternatives with it.

That's one of the points of this thread (Windows RT is DOA from many indicators, and vendors like Samsung, HP and Toshiba appear to agree, since they've canceled plans to release products using Windows RT).  IOW, a scaled down version of MS Office is not a reason to go with Windows RT compared to IOS or Android based tablets.

Btw, just out of curiosity, why you need to repost everything you write ?

Because you tend to miss the point of the original posts (or tend to deliberately overlook them because you want to defend Microsoft products, even if they're flawed).

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