Why is the EM5 so much more popular than the GH3?

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jalywol wrote:

Well, pardon me. Since I was taking the statement made by the prior poster and expanding on his opinion, I did not copy and reiterate his entire quote in the first line of my reply. However, If you read every sentence after the first one, I clearly state "for me", "to my eyes", and "for my uses" about why I think (along with the prior poster) that is it a better stills camera, for him, and, yes, FOR ME.

Yup. I think we should all be better to just recognise that "best camera" is shorthand for "best camera for me" instead of ridiculing or demanding proof of "best-ness". The "2012 Best Camera" article on the main page went downhill quickly, because people felt insulted that their personal preference wasn't the overall winner. Personal preferences are personal preferences and the strength of the Micro Four Thirds system is that we have both Olympus and Panasonic (and soon, maybe, JK Kodak) bringing out products that cater to different users.

That's not to say we can't discuss which camera we prefer, just that there is no objective and final truth when it comes to two cameras as different as the GH3 and EM5.

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