Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm UK warranty is absolutely awesome!

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You need to look at it from Fuji's side as well, they received what appears to be a physically damaged camera.

Did you look at the photo? The damage was purely due to the viewfinder cover being pushed out of place - probably due to compression in luggage. 1) I certainly didn't notice it, 2) is purely cosmetic, 3) should not affect a physical switch (which happens to work right now - it's intermittently jamming) . So instead of even looking at what the problem might be, Fujifilm invalidated the my entire warranty due to what is a effectively a cosmetic flaw! Read the paperwork in the last photo.

Are you displeased with Fuji's warranty (which doesn't apply to cameras that have been damaged by accident) or with Fuji's unwillingness to ignore their warranty limitations?

I know a lot of folks are chiming in with stories about dropping their Nikon D3 from a low flying plane and Nikon overnighting them a new camera but I'm also sure many Canons and Nikons have been refused warranty service in cases similar to yours.

If Fuji ends up making an exception in your case that's great, just be aware they didn't have to.

The OP wasn't asking Fuji to repair any accidental damage under warranty. He just wanted a defect in manufacturing repaired.

There is definitely a grey area here. At what point does normal wear and tear become "damage"? And should slight cosmetic damage invalidate a warranty?

It is an expensive camera and a good warranty should be part of the package.

Sorry, but there's no grey area.

Accidental damage to a Fuji camera nullifies their warranty. Their warranty text is online for all to see. That means if the camera's LCD is damaged by accident they can refuse to fix what would otherwise be a warranted repair to the lens, for example.

Sad but true...

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