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In general feature sets, the DSLR bodies from the camera makers are the same. Generally the AF has been better on Canon and Nikon than on Pentax. Seems to have improved with the K5II. Beyond that, it's what budget range and what do you prefer to hold and use.

I think you should consider the system, particularly the lenses on offer. The uniqueness of Pentax for several years has been its small prime lenses and limited lenses. Now, most of the mirrorless cameras are getting some small pancakes and primes, so the gap is narrowing, but for DSLR's, Pentax is still unique in the small form factor lenses and they've got a very complete set of well made lenses from 15mm out to 77mm.

If you're just looking for a decent zoom and a DSLR, then just buy one, pretty much any one. See what feels good in your hands and looks nice through the viewfinder. I agree that the Pentax 18-135 is a great all-round lens, and it's very compact for what it is. It's not great at the long end but then none of them are.

If you want ultrasonic (silent or near-silent) motors, then avoid Pentax and go with Canon or Nikon as there's way more selection. That said, the 18-135, 17-70 and 16-50/50-135 are all ultrasonic. If you want as small as possible but still interchangeable lenses, then consider the mirrorless systems. Or Pentax.

I went Pentax for "small" size and quality.

For travelling and having something with me all the time, I'm looking at a Sony RX100.

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