Loving my new DP2 Merrill

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Re: Loving my new DP2 Merrill

CMurdock wrote:

I really appreciate your post for a lot of reasons.

First, I'm intending to buy the camera, and your post reassures me that it isn't as bad as the reviewers say. Reviewers, I believe, come to expect every camera to have all the latest bells and whistles; and if a camera isn't as perfect as its peers, they are quick to condemn it -- even if the camera works pretty well by most people's standards.

Second, your post gave me the opportunity to look at some more wonderful Foveon images. It is always amazing to me how clear and crisp the images are. The tree in the 2nd shot has such wonderful details -- details, I might add, that would be slightly blurred by any Bayer-type camera. .

Tell me, do you think the DP2M will be good for landscape shots? I really want the DP1M, but I've read that the DP2M is sharper at the edges. I want all the sharpness I can get.

The DP-1M can get pretty sharp across the frame, but I think only if you stop down a bit (say f/8 or so)  The DP-2M is sharp across the frame even at f/2.8.

The DP-1M is as sharp in the center as the DP-2M, and even out towards the edges.  Just not right at the edges...

It really comes down to what FOV you prefer in your landscapes.  I use both, and I would say I end up using them pretty evenly which is part of what makes it such a tough choice to pick one.

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