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Re: UPgrades

Bluevortex wrote:

My wife thinks I'm bonkers

All wives think husbands are bonkers when it comes to toys, do you call her bonkers when it comes to her shoe and handbag collection? But you never ever should!

but I do fancy one of these newer sensors, though wasn't taken by the screen on the EPL5 (black borders evident). Perhaps waiting for a new pen (EP5??) might be the way to go?

In your situation I would wait to see what the E-P5 (or whatever it may be) will bring. You have tools that work so best to wait and see how the E-P5 pans out for early adopters, then wait some more until prices stabilise, or wait until E-P6 and buy E-P5 at a better price.

I have E-PL1 and only for a little while the E-P3 (as a warranty replacement for a sick E-PL1) and now the E-PL5 which was ordered before the E-P3 "gift". While the E-P3 is a nicely made camera and everything works, the E-PL5 with its 10 niggles still is the one I grab. If the E-P5 addresses those niggles in part or in whole, then maybe the lot will get sold and E-P5 bought.

In the meantime relax and go shoot things with the current cameras, you do like their results, right? You will get less bonkers criticism. "Darling, on your advice I decided to stay with the current cameras for a while longer" should get some brownie points.

The new sensors are better but that mainly shows only if you are always stuck in low light or high dynamic range situations. For everyday daylight use there's not a lot to see different at normal view size and print size.

Regards..... Guy

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