Review of the Pentax K5IIs

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Re: Review of the Pentax K5IIs

audiobomber wrote:

Very positive review.

The reviewer was only provided with consumer zooms. WTH is Pentax thinking? They couldn't supply a Limited, or even a prime? Ridiculous!

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The reviewer runs the Pentax UK forums and no doubt owns or has access to any lens he wants. I imagine he used consumer zooms because he wanted to give as accurate an impression as he could of what an ordinary user would find in this camera when used with the lens it likely came with. He's made a couple of comments about his review and puts stress on keeping it simple and easy for the average reader. Besides, if the K5IIs shows superior IQ using a consumer zoom, which he says it does, it goes without saying that a high-end lens will show the better IQ even more. So it's no mistake and not ridiculous!

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