Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

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Re: Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

tamasine wrote:

The biggest headache with considering the move from DX to FF is what lens to get. I use the 16-85mm mainly with my D90 and it's been absolutely fantastic. It mixes great IQ with a size and weight that is completely manageable.

Looking at the comparisons in FX, I'm not 100% convinced there is anything comparable, without either 1) spending a lot more, or b) carrying something a lot heavier. The most obvious choice would be the 24-85mm VR, and perhaps that would be fine for me.

However, I also have the 50mm f1.8G, which being 50mm on FF, might do a good job for most of my photography. I guess the biggest issue is landscapes...I realise that there are no 'landscape lenses' as such, but 50mm might be a bit restricting if it's not possible to be the right distance from the subject.

Since it's a relatively inexpensive, small, light but flexible lens, do any of you actually use it on your full frame cameras most of the time? Please feel free to post your pics too - especially landscape ones. Has anyone passed on the pro glass lenses to use the 50mm?

the 24-120/4 is the new 16-85 for fx and a much better lens

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