Dealers Intentionally deceive Customers with Used/Returned Equipments? Locked

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> B&H has been sued for discrimination several times

I'm obliged to put my moderator hat on for this :

No idea if that's true or false ( or if they won or lost ! ) but suing someone does not mean anything and discrimination has nothing to do with the matter in hand.

Accusations of discrimination are simply going to lead to an even more charged thread than we already have.  I would advise everyone ( including myself ) that posts veering off into a discussion of something as politically charged as discrimination will be deleted ( and I'll ban people who push their luck ).

If you want to talk politics go to Off Topic.

I've noted that HenryP of B&H has responded to the OP and I'm locking this thread.

The OP can PM henryp if he wants to pursue this private matter further without any of our comments ( including mine ) muddying the water further ( or do I mean adding fuel to the fire ? ).  I would urge the OP to engage with B&H constructively to resolve his issue.

Please note that I generally post using an explicit reference to my role as a moderator when I am acting as a moderator ( as I did in this post ).  Otherwise I'm acting as a normal member ( and fair game within the normal rules of conduct ).

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