Suggestions between Asus PA248Q or Dell UltraSharp U2412m?

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Re: Suggestions between Asus PA248Q or Dell UltraSharp U2412m?

The only thorough technical review to be found for the PA248Q is on the German language side of the website.

Note that where they gave the Dell U2412M a "Good" rating, they actually rated the PA248Q lower at "Satisfactory". The downgrade seems to be due an issue with the Custom mode being unusable for calibration or something to that effect. You'll have to translate page by page and sort it out.

There are two points for the PA248Q that I have been curious about - its' minimum brightness and if it is a true 8bit monitor or a 6bit +AFRC like the Dell.

In particular, I was looking for this "Display Brightness" chart to see if there is a big difference between the two monitors.

You can see that the minimum brightness for the PA248Q is 96 cd/m2, where the brightness control is set to 0%. This is still quite bright for someone who wants to edit images in a dark room.

The Dell U2412M on the other hand can be adjusted down to less than 50 cd/m2, well below the 80 cd/m2 some people desire. TFT Central measured 46 cd/m2 in their "Contrast Stability" chart.


As to 8bit vs 6bit+AFRC, I'm pretty sure the ASUS is also 6bit+AFRC but have yet to read anything that confirms that.  I personally don't think this is a deal breaker in any case as the current implementation of 6bit+AFRC is done well with minimal artifacts or banding issues.  The reviews say as much and my personal experience with my own U2412M versus my 8bit 2209WA is that there is no glaring visible difference.


Also, this thread has some information in it. How accurate the posts are is a point to consider.

(edit).... note the comments re the ASUS offering1:1 pixel mapping where the Dell does not.


Something else to be mindful of may be the pixel replacement warranty - how many pixels in a clump, what color they are, etc.. Dell is pretty good in this respect but I've read of ASUS offering different terms in their warranties in various regions. Note that the Dell warranty for the Ultrasharp line is different from what they offer on their other monitor lines. Check that out.


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