Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Surface costs $900 to $1100

malch wrote:

But just imagine all of the personal data that has and is migrating from desktops (and paper) to mobile devices. It's a security nightmare. Surely, the black hats are or will be shifting their efforts to target these devices big time. I worry that things are going to get very ugly indeed over the next couple of years.

There's thousands of the darn things lost or misplaced every week (day?). And a government that thinks it's entitled to examine your phone anytime without a warrant.

It gives one pause for thought as to what data you really want to keep on these things.

It gets even scarier when people are talking about using smartphones to pay for purchases.  I think the smartphone is going to eclipse the wallet as the most important personal possession.

Right now I use my smartphone as an auxiliary device and keep all my important stuff on my desktop (with the really important stuff encrypted).  I don't see that changing any time soon.   But I worry that over time accepted payment methods may change to the point where methods I'd prefer to use are deprecated.

I suppose I shouldn't worry - at one point I feared that the rise of debit cards would eventually make credit cards and their 1-month "free ride" (for those of us who pay in full) obsolete.   But that hasn't happened.   And I recall a science fiction story that postulated a future in which all transactions were electronic but that governments hadn't abolished cash because it was the only way to bribe officials anonymously...

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