Simple OMD versus GH3.

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I'm not sure Frank

FrankS009 wrote:

My point, perhaps made often enough, is that comparing the GH3 and EM5 is like comparing apples and oranges if we focus on the large size of the GH3 and the small size of the EM5.

Panasonic has made two m4/3rd size camera since the GF1 and the G1. We need to compare the EM5 without the grip with the smaller enthusiast post GF1 and GX1 body camera coming from Panasonic according to 43Rumors sometime this year, presumably/hopefully with a GH3 sensor and internal EVF.

If we want to compare the GH3 and the EM5 on the same terms, we need to consider the latter with the grip.

While Panasonic has made two body sizes, the EM5 is a compromise camera that has the same size and weight as the GH3 or a smaller Panasonic body depending on whether it has the grip or not.

One could argue I suppose that it is better to have one camera body than two, but the other side of that argument is that for the larger sized body, the GH3 is less compromised.


There's quite a difference in size between the OM-D and the GH3. When the GH3 sensor comes in the post GF1 an GX1 bodies, it's like the OM-D sensor in the PL5 isn't it? Smaller and more enthousiast I would say? GH3 and OM-D are very well comparable I think. The GH3 is "bigger" than the OM-D needs to be. There's no way anyone can make the GH3 the size of the OM-D. Ofcourse with the grip it handles better (well, in my book that is), but you have the choice of either use it or not. And sometimes I do not take the grip with me (or just the horizontal part)...that's a choice I can and do make. Not possible with the GH3 (no choice).

At the same time I think there's not much IQ difference (only reading reviews/etc.), whereas the video capabilities of the GH3 are pressumably way better. My experience with Zuiko glass is very good. That's one of the reasons I bought the OM-D. Not enough knowledge/experience with Panaglass, but I'm really longing for a fast standard lens like the Panaleica 25mmF1.4

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