Best MILC for Complete Photography Novice

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RedDog Steve wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Kim Flowers wrote:

Glad to hear you mention the Panasonic G5. Customer reviews on Amazon are outstanding for this camera but haven't heard much about it anywhere else. I'm trying to decide between it and the Sony A57 myself, but that's another thread.

If I was truely a beginer, I would pick the G3 to save some $$ to dump into lenses.

I think the 12mp sensor is fine

The G3 has 16mp, presumably the same sensor as the GX1.

I know, that is why it is such a great deal. I was just making a point but did it in the wrong place.

and that beginers get the most bang for the buck buying lenses, close up accesories, flash, etc.

The sensor doesn't matter that much.

Generally agreed but for the purposes stated by the OP (large print, low light), the newer generation sensor should offer at least a small advantage.

How large?

The G3 should be fine up to 16 x 20" or even more.

Not many people print that large anyway, and once you do you start backing away from the photo to see it and resolution becomes less important.

That is why photo's on the side of buses and bilboards look fine.

Even though the G3 isn't on the short list it is the smallest of the Panny m4/3s that has a built-in EVF.
It also represents a great value at current closeout prices.
I think it stands up well against the Sony Nexi.*


*<Nexi = plural for Nex ?>


but if you want a removable EVF and IBIS for legacy lenses, look to the PENs.


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