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I just got the GH2 with 14-140 mm lens, based on its video performance reviews and videos I researched online. I also want to do decent still photos. Now that I have it I am finding setting it up hard even though I looked at tutorials. I followed a couple of them and the image does not look anything close to good. Same with stills, I have a slight shake when I press the button and some images blurred. While I am a beginner, I still would like to know at least it will take decent videos and stills while I am on my way to professionally learn.

For example what worked for you for good landscape stills? What would be the best video setting for an indoor short interview for a school project I have? Is there a big difference between the GH2 and GH3 in the easiness of settings and usage? I might consider saving up and exchanging with the GH2, but really first I'd like to give it a try as I seen amazing work done with it.

I would appreciate any tips on starting up with the GH2. These are highly subjective questions, I know, but I'd love to hear personal experiences while I learn my way through. Thanks for your time.

While OIS works pretty well on that lens, for smooth, shake free videos you really need some kind of stabilizer, rig or tripod. Also, make sure you are shooting video in the highest possible quality. I almost always shoot in 1080p24 in FSH mode (Progressive). Be careful that you are on the actual Movie mode. If you are in a Still mode like A, and hit the video record button, you resulting video many be shot in Interlaced, which is not what you want, unless you are going to play back on an HDTV.

There is a lot of info about the GH2 on EOSHD. In fact, Andrew wrote a GH2 Guide which is quite helpful for the high end video features.

For stills, I'm quite certain that some here get great results from the 14-140 or 14-42 kit zooms, but I've always preferred the Olympus and Panasonic primes like the 20 1.7 and 45 1.8 for the very best IQ. The problem with the zoom is that they have slow max apertures, so in anything but bright sunlight you are going to get slowish shutter speeds, which might introduce camera shake.

So either try using a tripod or be sure to make sure that you keep your shutter speeds at 1/focal length. The GH2 is a wonderful camera capable of excellent results. Good luck, Markus

Marike6, thank you for the advice on the quality and modes. I appreciate your tip regarding the tripod and stabilizer… I will need to seriously look into collecting gear very soon. But also the shake is mainly there for the stills when I click the button L.

I like the 1080p24 in FSH mode, too. What if I want to have the best of both worlds: playing back on HDTV *and/or* computer and other, would it be still better to shoot in the highest quality possible? Or things don’t work in this way? Can I convert for matters of playback quality?

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