Thanks to the Olympus community (and Goblin in particular)

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Re: Thanks to the Olympus community (and Goblin in particular)

Great story and love the ending.

During the first week of owning my 7-14 I had it, of all places, at a golf course. I say of all places because I never golf. This was at the Sitka golf course in Alaska. It has to be the steepest golf course in the world, in the rainforest, going up the side of a mountain, and I drove a golf cart I could barely control on these thin paved roads. I had set my camera on the floor and at one point almost rolled the cart and came to a screeching halt, only to see the camera and 7-14 launch onto the pavement and bounce several times. Luckily for me I had the cap on and it was the only thing to suffer. My 620 ignored the bouncing. My heart did not--took a while for the adrenaline to drop.

So you guys forget that story if I try to sell it, please. : )

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

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