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Note that superzooms do not leave much room for cropping, so you have to take full advantage of their long lenses. That means getting as close as possible at times.

At over 1200m hand held you don't have to get too close and you can still crop.

I am well aware that the SX50 has double the reach of the FZ150/200 and that the Nikon and Fuji offerings fall in between them, so depending on which superzoom you choose you may have to get closer with one than another. I was referring to superzooms in general - which currently for all intents and purposes range from 24X to 50X - and the fact that their small sensors leave little [zero to many] room for cropping while larger sensors may not require as much optical reach to achieve the same due to their more generous croppability.

Note that the FZ-series do support teleconverters to increase their reach when desired. I've seen reports that with the FZ200 you can still use f/2.8 with the T/C so, for example, with a 1.7X T/C you effectively have a 1020mm f/2.8 lens. Sure, there's additional cost involved, but nothing else can come close to that performance without breaking the banks or backs for many.

I have the Sony HX100V which has a 30x zoom 16mp. I use the 16mp only for scenics. For birding I use 10mp 53x zoom but mostly 5mp 53x zoom. On the Sony its called smart zoom using less mp.  Most of the super zooms have this feature using different names. I guess you could call this a crop but without degradation. I use 5 mp most of the time which is about 1250mm. Check out my galleries or my flickr account in the previous post above. I hardly ever use 16mp. mostly 5mp.

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