The difficulty of film

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The difficulty of film

I look at the thread "Post your best 6 Sigma Pix" in the Sigma forum and I marvel at the amazing pictures people are making.  If these images were taken on film, they would be once in a lifetime type shots.

In the film world, getting great results is so difficult.  Choosing your emulsion, figuring out your exposure, framing and taking the pic, then waiting days or weeks before getting into the darkroom to see what you did.  Finally, you spent days with your enlarger getting the print just right.  Ansel Adams compared making pictures to making music.  He said, "The negative is like the score, and the print is like the performance."

Nowadays you can check your shot right after you take it, adjust framing or exposure and retake it over and over until you get it just the way you want.  And then you have the almost unlimited ability to change things when you get it into your computer, at no extra cost for paper or chemicals for your experiments.

Digital photography has given the ordinary mortal like you and I the tools to make pictures that I dare say approaches the beauty that the great film photographers created.

Granted, most amateur photogs haven't found their artistic voice but still that doesn't detract from the beauty of their images.

That is one thing I like about my little DP-1s.  It is a lot harder to use than my Pentax slr but when I manage to get things right it can give me really excellent pictures.  It brings back a bit of the challenge from my film days.


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