Please let me know what you think of my copy of 16 2.8

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Re: Please let me know what you think of my copy of 16 2.8

dellaaa wrote:

Thanks, I didn't think the lens was bad at all, considering all the horrible press that it has received I compared this lens to my kit zoom at 18mm, and the 16 is very very slightly better.

I also compared this lens to my 20mm 2.8 Nikon AIS, both this lens and the kit zoom are miles ahead of that lens. This makes me think I must either have a bad 20 2.8 or the NEX7 is doing something to the image.

Your copy looks fine along bottom edge (can't tell about top edge).

As others have said, strong central sharpness, okay out most of the way to the edges, and sort of blurry at the extreme corner. This is expected performance for that lens. Also, make sure you focus out from the center to get a flatter field (reduce any field curvature effects).  This will drop the extreme center sharpness a bit, but boost the rest of the image a little.

Old SLR wides (like 20 to 24mm and wider) for film cameras, often perform very poorly on high resolution digital cameras, and you are right, as bad as people think the Sony 16mm f/2.8 is, some of those are worse, much larger, and more expensive.

That being said, the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 or something is going to be much sharper across the frame, and peaks higher as well. The Sony 16mm is one of those lenses that would be amazing on a 6 MP sensor, good on a 10 MP sensor, but on a 16 or 24 or is starting to stretch its limits.

Is it a good value for what it is? Sure. If you have a good copy and got it as part of a kit.


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