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Re: D800 AF now IMPROVED!

I wonder if part of the reason you are seeing the improved behavior with AF-C is the AF-assist bug. Basically, I (and others) have found that when using a D800 with a SB-700 or, so I have heard any other new generation flash (SB-900,SB-910), you will get focus errors if the AF-Assist function is enabled on the flash. This occurs regardless of whether the AF-assist beam is actually used (e.g., the problem happens even if you cover the AF-assist light). Focus goes back to being dead on if you use the camera's internal AF-assist light or if you use the AF-assist on an older flash like the SB-600 or SB-800. I ended up buying a used SB-800 for just that reason. I am assuming that this is some kind of firmware bug, or that Nikon is somehow trying to compensate for the AF-assist light being red.

Since the AF-C mode disables AF-assist, and it seems like you are shooting with a flash, I am thinking this could be the culprit. If you are using that combination (SB-700,900,or 910) and AF-assist, try disabling it on the flash and trying AF-S again to see if things improve for you.

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