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In Ansel's day, you needed larger formats to get decent quality. I am always amazed at how much printing quality (in publications) has improved over time. Many magazine, calendar, etc. prints from 35mm are better than those obtained from large format in Ansel's heyday.

Ansel Adams used smaller formats, by the way: Hasselblad MF and Contarex 35mm. If camera & lens quality makes no difference, then why did these greats not use Argus C3s, Kodak box cameras, etc.? A great camera will not make a great photographer, but a crumby camera will handicap even the best photographer.

Adams did not make photographs which required, or would even have benefited, by the machine-gun capabilities of a Canon D1. The greats of the film era seldom shot film at higher than about ISO 200, nor did they use motor drives. They would have been delighted with the capabilities of a Sigma DP M.

In recent years, many people pursue photography to get techically superb images of sports or wildlife. They need high burst rate, AF rate, etc. However, what they produce is mostly just high-class illustration. There is little attempt to produce art expressing a personal style or viewpoint, as Adams, Porter, or many of the other greats did. You can do that very well indeed with a DP. Too bad that that kind of work is now considered nothing but a "niche" by many people.

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