Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Surface costs $900 to $1100

CAcreeks wrote:

Including all personal compute devices, Microsoft now has only about 20% market share.

This is the amazing thing that's happened, triggered by the iPhone - a huge shift toward mobile devices. Microsoft still dominates the desktop, but the desktop is already a pretty small minority when you look at the total number of tablets and especially phones out there. And there are a growing number of people who are quite happy with just a smart phone and don't even bother with a desktop.

I don't think desktops are going away because there are some things that they do a lot better than mobile devices - but I do think they're going to be less and less relevant as time goes by. This is why Microsoft is so desperate to get a toehold in the touch OS market. Unfortunately for them, I think the ship may already have sailed...

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