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Re: D800 AF now IMPROVED!

michaeladawson wrote:

ranalli wrote:

Ray Ritchie wrote:

I've used AF-C/ AF-ON/ Release priority since the D300, and hate to use any other method now. But one minor drawback is that when you have the camera up that way, if you have to hand it to someone else for them to, say, take a shot with you in it, they'll invariably fail to focus correctly, even if you explain it to them.

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In that case I think you can just flip it to AF-S and it should work like any point-n-shoot.

Not true. It's not the AF-C / AF-S setting that is the problem when handing it to someone else. It's the menu setting of AF-ON only. So you have to go into the menu and flip that before handing it to someone.

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Mike Dawson

Yeah you're right, I take that back.  Switching to AF-S will most likely mean that the AF-ON just does a single-focus instead of continuous.

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