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Re: D800 AF now IMPROVED!

Shotcents wrote:

Okay, lest anyone think I'm an old dog who can't learn a new trick...

I've been (at times) struggling with the AF on the D800, especially when shooting close portraits/candids. I've been using AF-S single priority release, just as I had relied on with perfect results with my D700.

Yet the D800 would sometimes just MISS. Maybe it was me. Maybe I'm getting old. But then I'm not alone with this and others have reported it.

So I was steered to a thread where a fellow suggested using AF-C along with the AF-ON button. I knew about this, but never bothered to try it. Hold down the AF-ON button while composing, let go and fire. Why would this be better? Does this remove the small time lapse await the LOCK and BEEP and possible motion in that time prior to tripping the shutter?

Try keeping the AF button on while you fire, you do need to move the focus points to where you want it though. It works great for me.

The shot below is with the 70-200 VRII....not a good shot by any means, but the room is almost totally dark, TV light only and the AF assist does not function in this mode. Focus was perfect 10 out of 10 times. I also tried it some movement and still nailed 8 out of 10.

I have to get used to living without my confirmation beep that used to treat me so well with the D700.


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