Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Surface costs $900 to $1100

Brian Miller wrote:

Which was really my original point: the Surface Pro is real 64-bit computer with a fast I5 processor, USB 3 port expandability, displayport that can drive my 30" NEC at full res, run Photoshop and any other of the vast range of Windows software [MS Office, and is] an advanced, beautifully-designed touch-and-pen enabled tablet.

Those, and the optional keyboard, are good reasons for buying one. However a MacBook Pro is only a little more expensive, and has DVD drive to play movies on an airplane. The MBP touchpad seems more sophisticated than the ones on Windows PCs, where many people require a mouse. The touch pen could be an improvement; I haven't tried it.

Windows 8, which has already outsold the installed base of desktop Linux and is closing in on MacOS.

This might be true next month, but the Linux vs Windows 8 numbers were very close in December, both > 1% but < 2%. Windows 8 did not yet surpass Vista.

Including all personal compute devices, Microsoft now has only about 20% market share.

Vendor Share of Consumer Compute, 2000 - 2016E

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