Upgrading from an SD950IS

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Re: Upgrading from an SD950IS

diane143 wrote:

So now first question - why did the 200 on the Nikon seem SOOOO much closer than on the Canon? (more so than I'd expect from a 133 vs 200). Gee, I see that and wonder if a 200-300mm would suffice. Do the focal equivalents on the compact digitals not match up with the lenses on the DSLRs? Forgive the dumb question, but I haven't researched cameras since 2000 and there weren't many out there!


Hi Diane

There is a very easy explanation on why the Nikon with a 200mm lens was closer than your Canon Point & Shoot with a lens at 200MM.

Your old 35mm camera was using film 35mm x 24mm in size. A Full Frame camera like the Nikon D800 or Canon 5Dxxx are 36mm x 24mm. Any camera that has a smaller sensor with a normal 35mm lens is using a smaller area of the lens so has a different FOV (Field of view). Generally the spec is listed as 'same FOV as'. An example of this is the SX50 which goes from 4.3mm to 215mm (215/4.3=50 which is why it has a 50X zoom) has the same FOV as a 35mm Full Frame camera with a 24mm to 1200mm lens.

The Nikon D200 is what Nikon calls a DX model which means that the smaller sensor in that camera (23.6x15.8mm)will have a FOV of 1.5x your lens mm (People also refer to this as a crop factor because it would be the same as if you shot full frame then then cropped it to that same FOV). Example your 200MM lens on a Nikon DX camera will have the same FOV as a 300MM lens. That is why the zoom on the Nikon was closer than the Canon. Your Canon P&S camera actually has a smaller MM lens which had the same FOV as 200mm. Canon's crop cameras like the 7D have a 1.6 crop factor so that 200MM lens would be the same as a 320mm lens on a 35mm or full frame camera.

The SX50 crop factor is about 5.58x so that 215mm big end of the zoom is the equivalent FOV as a 1200mm lens on a Full Frame or 35mm camera.

A good link to see for Sensor size comparison: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sensor_sizes_overlaid_inside.svg

I hope I explained it clear enough.

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