Nikon Coolscan V ED on Windows 7 ??

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Re: Nikon Coolscan V ED on Windows 7 ??

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iMatt wrote:

Hope you don't mind but this is not directly relating to the Windows issue but rather is a basic question about scanning with the Coolscan V ED and this is the most active thread re using this scanner I have come across. I have just tonight started to use this scanner for the first time though I bought it new some years ago - yes its taken a while for me to get around to the scanning. Anyway I am trialing Vuescan (I have a Mac with OS Lion which rules out the Nikon software) but am running into a basic scanner operation issue. The manual makes it clear that 35mm film should be inserted film base side up and emulsion side down. Now I can easily see the difference between the shiny film base side and the dull emulsion side, but for some reason I can only get the scanner to accept my negatives the wrong way around - ie emulsion side up. I have tried it with half a dozen strips and each time I cannot get the scanner to take the film shiny side up but it then takes it shiny side down first time of asking. I am getting scans but surely they must be compromised as a result. Any thoughts?

Some films have some small holes (diameter about .4 to .5 mm with a distance of about 20 mm) along the perforation holes. If you load the film with with the first exposures first and the "holes" are on the right side THE THE FILM WILL NOT LOAD!

Reverse the film to load the last exposures first (the "holes" are now on the left side) the film will load as expected.

Thanks for this tip.  I will certainly keep this in mind when I get my scanner back from repair.

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