Is there a setting to warn over exposure?

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Re: Is there a setting to warn over exposure?

dpyy wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

Dear dpyy,

why would you fiddle to the extremes with exposure compensation in any of the automatic exposures modes (P,S,A)?

If you dial in + 5 EC, say, why should the camera tell you that you are blowing highlights? I think you want to blow highlights if you set EC to +5.

Can you explain why the camera should tell you you are ruining the normal view and a normally exposed image? It is your choice after all, your artistic licence to blow highlights, if that is what you intend and have dialed in.

Dumbfolded i am at your request to be warned not to jump into water that you just boiled for yourself ... sort of like ...

Because typically you don't go that extreme right? Say, it's too dark, you go +0.6 EV. Now you want to see if you have overdone it.

The point is, all the camera could tell you in that situation is that in its opinion you are overexposing by 2/3 of a stop. You are telling the camera it is exposing wrong (by setting +0.6 EV), then you want it tell you if the override settings you chose are exposing correctly? Of course it will will always say you are exposing incorrectly by presicely the amount of EV compensation you selected.

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