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Re: Is it true that x-rays damage the CCD in the camera?

It is a not so well known (read: hidden from public knowledge) fact that airport X-rays DO damage CCDs. I recommend that you watch this video for more information, and don't ask random internet people to provide you with "definitive" answers. Yes, I am also, to you, a random internet person, but you must use a little common sense and intuition when watching the following video, so as to ascertain for yourself ´╗┐whether you think this is a lie or the truth - personally, I think "why would this guy lie?". Digital camera manufacturers aren't going to admit to this, as people generally buy digital cameras to take holiday photos, and guess how many people get to their holiday destination...

PS: Digital cameras are over-hyped. Anything that needs SO much hype, must need that hype to forcefully convince people in exaggerated ways, selling the pros, and down-playing the cons, as usual in marketing circles.

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