Is D600 AF "better" than D800?

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Re: Is D600 AF "better" than D800?

I went from D90-D7000-D800. I shoot lots of low light sports in old gyms with all kinds of different lighting and can say unequivocally that the D800 blows them both out of the water, both in exposure and focus accuracy. I have been going  over some folders from games (basketball) shot before I aquired the D800 and images that I thought weren't bad at the time I wouldn't even keep if I had shot them with the D800. It's that good.
  I am a bit picky about noise because noise reduction=lost resolution no matter what editor you use, so I keep it to a minimum if possible. My top ISO values were ISO 800 with the D90 and ISO1600 with the D7000. This resulted in shutter speeds and aperature that weren't always optimum for sports, hence, a compromise. With the D800 I am not afraid to go to ISO 5000 unless I want to crop heavily (and OH, can you crop with this camera!).

I have had it one month and have only shot a little over 1900 images with it, mostly indoors in bad lighting. However with what I have seen so far, I have become very confident in it's ability to deliver images that I not only can live with but am constantly delighted with. I use good glass, the 24-70 f/2.8 and the 70-200 f/2.8 for indoor action and usually use AF-C with AF-on and use the focus points instead of recomposing (impossible with moving objects) in case I want to go wide open. Also, outside using primes or for portraiture, recomposing runs the risk of lost focus when wide open.

With the fantastic resolution available, what landscape work I have been able to do has become a real blast. I love macro and can't wait for bug season (I live in Arkansas, a bug lovers paradise).

This camera has opened up opportunities that I didn't realize were possible and I am sure as I become more familiar with it I will find more and more pleasant surprises in it's capabilities. Pete.

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