Sony A57 SLT vs Sony CX760v/PJ760v camcorder for video?

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Re: Sony A57 SLT vs Sony CX760v/PJ760v camcorder for video?

Emopunk wrote:

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Cy Cheze,

You are a godsend. Thanks very much for your words of wisdom and advice. You make alot of sense! I think I may have made up my mind on the CX760v. Thanks again

The sony is a good product, and so is the canon G10. I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into the mix, but one of the reasons I settled on my Panasonic x900m was that it had almost identcal specs as the other two, but at hundreds $ less. The pany is known to be the sharpest of the 3, IS is very good, just a hair behind the sony, and it has audio jacks for mic and headphones. The canon is $1039, the sony is $1250, the Panasonic is $740. Just a thought, I think anybody with one of these will love it, but if a budget is a factor, that would save you $500 over the sony.

The x900m competes with Sony CX730, which is in the same price range. Sony has better video handling in low light and completely superior optical stabilization system.

I think all the new sonys have better IS, not by a huge margin but slightly better. I have seen many videos comparing lowlight and sony tends to soften a bit too much for me. Canon seems to do the best in low light IQ, but I wasn't as worried as I don't shoot much in the dark. I chose the Pany because it has the best resolution, larger LCD, and the sonys have a lack of manual controls. Hot shoe is important to me as well.

The 730 would be a good choice as well, but I don't think it will be cheaper than the x900/m, if you can even find it. I could not find the 730 on BH, ebay, amazon, or adorama. Perhaps you could share where you are finding a price comparable to the x900m?

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