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I own all of the Nik software and find it all helpful.  I always try to get the very best color shot I can and only then to convert it to b&w.  You can go to the Nik software site and watch many useful videos  that show you how to use their different software.  Most of the videos are by people who are using the software and many show you a step by step has to how they used the software and in which order they did it.  You never destroy the original file as you can work with a copy, so you can always go back and improve a photo as you get better with your understanding on how it works.  When you open up an image in Silver Efex Pro, you have several thumbnails that get you to a starting point or you might just like what you see and not do anymore P.P.  If you ever used film, the right side of the work area has 18 different film types, such as Tri X, Plus X, etc. , so you can again use films that you used to love, or hadn't tried before.  You also have color filters red, orange, yellow, etc, that we often used when shooting film.  So you really end up with a lot to work with.

But before you do all of this with Silver Efex Pro, you might run it through Color Efex Pro 4, Dfine, Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro.  I bought the whole set, and I do use all of the whole set, but not on every picture.  You may well find that the camera you have does just what you need it to do, and to get more out of your photography you really need to learn more how to use software.  I had an advantage that most of you don't.  I was a CAD operator (computer assisted design) and sat at my computer for hours every day for over 20 years.  Before that it was the drafting board.  So it was just needing to learn a new software program.  Don't let that scare you off.  If you don't like to learn software, you can just get Silver Efex Pro, except one of the presets, and you are done.

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