why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

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Re: why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

kenwj wrote:

I view the imaging chain as three equally important components. Capture (raw material to create an image), editing (correction, compensation and personal expression) and printing (correction, compensation).

Surely there is another step involved here - displaying the print.

Comparing "dark prints" with "bright monitors" can be very confusing. A monitor is self-luminous and therefore has an inherent "brightness". A print can only reflect whatever light falls on it. If the print is in a dark room then it will be dark. If it's in direct sunlight it will be very bright.

In most discussions about dark prints the print viewing conditions are hardly mentioned; however, it is obvious that to make the print match the monitor the print must be illuminated at the correct level. And the correct level to match a monitor set to 120cd/m2 is around 500 lux - much brighter than most people's viewing conditions.

Coming back to the original post, I'm not sure that I accept the premise that "photos need color correction prior to printing". I don't apply corrections for color, lightness or contrast unless I want to "improve" reality. But I know that if I take a correctly exposed shot of a Color Checker I can print it without any adjustment and the print will be very similar to the original. Of course, even the original Color Checker will look too dark if it's not adequately illuminated

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