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Re: XF-1 Owners ...

NickPix wrote:

So, XF-1 owners ...what do you think of it in real-world use ?

For a lively forum, there's been relatively so little here from XF-1 users, but I'd be really interested in your views & experience.

Likewise, I've been waiting to hear more from users. On paper the XF1 offers a very attractive little package. Of course most small cameras with 24/25mm lens have some compromise in sharpness and we all know that EXR delivers at least one nice trick to the detriment of absolute resolution.

The question in my mind is whether IQ from the XF1 is noticably worse in everyday shooting at low ISO compared to say the X10 (or S110 that DPRE favour). I suspect it is marginal either way at best, and only when studied at pixel level and/or higher ISO will differences become apparent.

One potential strong point that now interests me (with grandchildren) is the alleged fast A/F of the XF1 and its high continuous rate with A/F. It certainly makes the S110 look pedestrian.

Finally, XF1 refurbs are now available at a very resonable price which puts it back in the frame, for me anyway.


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