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Ill add a Guess

SigmaChrome wrote:

Of course for landscape use alone those newer advanatges arent an issue but were someone like Ansel around today in the shape he was in when he used large format I'm guessing he'd either still use it or the best digital alternative he could afford, be that a D800e, medium format DSLR or some kind of scan back, I doubt he'd use the the DP1 or DP2 M's to save what is ultimately a pretty minor amount of weight.

But he absolutely wouldn't use a Sigma SD1M... He would consider the Nikon D800e far superior, of course. I think it's truly uncanny that you know all this about a man who has been dead for over 28 years.

Just for Fun.

My Speculation:

If he were alive the Sigma DP series wold be one of the few cameras light enough to carry, at that advanced age... So it would definitely be a contender for his style of work.

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