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Re: D800 AF now IMPROVED!

I'm glad to see that your D800 is focusing correctly for you now.  I have been using AF-C and AF-On for many years for stationary objects with my D700 and D300 and it has never let me down.  So I continued the same practice with my D800.  I didn't want to say my D800 focuses fine while others were having problems.  I do have a slight Left focus point misadjustment but not to the extremes I have seen posted plus I don't really rely on it.  Bit nervous about sending it in because I don't want the other focus points to get out of whack just to have the Left on spot on.

Enjoy your D800, it is a great camera.  I did use it for a pre-wedding portraits and it performed very well though my D700 still does well also.  I will probably use it more for group portraits because most women I know prefer not to see their pores or facial hair.

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