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mpgxsvcd wrote:

First off I would say the GH3 is way more complicated to use than the GH2. I wrote setup guides for both cameras and the GH2 one was much easier to do. I would have to do about 6 videos just to begin to cover what the GH3 capable of doing.

Thank you so much for your quick + detailed reply. Yes as Eagle1 said, I am a lucky guy. I am a fast learner and have passion about becoming a documentary maker, but I want to make sure there is nothing *inherently* wrong in the design of the GH2 in the sense that even if I became experienced I won’t still like or feel comfortable using.

The GH2 is a great place to start. It is an outstanding camera when its price is factored in. However, it does have some shortcomings. Most of all the Auto ISO function is terrible. It is completely unusable for any type of sports in low light situations.

While I will not be shooting fast sport in the foreseen future, I am an avid nature and hiking photographer and love to film wild life. Outdoors there is no speed limit. I also might be shooting city life overseas next year” downtown, street markets, etc. in my home country for a short. And I might be shooting pets and kids (not necessarily sports). So I appreciate you pointing out this shortcoming.

That being said the lens usually makes more of a difference than the camera. What lenses do you have? Get the 25mm F1.4 or 45mm F1.8 for portraits and the Olympus 12mm F2.0 or 7-14mm for landscapes. If you want a zoom then the 35-100mm F2.8 is the best zoom I have seen. It is stupidly expensive but worth every dime I spent on mine.

I have the 14-140 mm/F.4.0-5.8 ASPH 62. I got just because there was sale on the GH2 wit this lens at the local store. I will consider getting the lenses you recommended.

If you have trouble getting the GH2 to work for you then look at the Olympus EM5. It has all of the quality of the GH3 and not all of its price. Plus it is so much smaller.

I actually would rather get the G5 for casual video than the GH2. The ability to shoot 1080p @ 60 FPS is huge for any type of event with motion. The 1080p @ 24 FPS is the best for interviews though. You won’t get that in anything but the GH line.

I would actually prefer to stay in the GH line J Just liked all what professionals are doing with it and looking to learn more. Lots of my future work (am a student) will be in interviews with some natural/landscape/street/city backgrounds and settings.

Have you watched all of these videos? The LX7 might be a great camera for you to start with as well. For the money that camera is crazy good. It is surprisingly good for low light video.

I watched some and now watched others. Thank you again for all the suggested links.

To conclude, I have to say this camera will stay with me for years and I do not mind learning given that I am with the right machine. My budget was about 1000-1400 and I already paid for the GH2 1300 (body+14-140 lens+lens protection filter+taxes…). I actually did not want the 14-140 lens except it was on sale. Now I knew that at the same store, I can order the GH3 for 1300 body only. The 14-42 lens is sold for $140 on Amazon. That would be around 1500 with taxes and all.

Frankly, I was surprised to see half of what I paid was for the lens. I will collect my lenses gradually while practicing my own style. Do you think it would be a wiser step to stick with the GH3 for years to come rather than the GH2 given that I cannot upgrade in the near future but will be learning and practicing a lot?

Too many questions but really appreciate the advice while I still can make exchanges at the store

GH2 Setup Guide

GH3 Initial Setup Guide

LX7 Setup Guide

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